Sunday, May 31, 2009

彩弹枪射击比赛 Paintball Game

TAKE AIM Paintball Tournament 2009 is coming !

青团运旺沙玛珠区会协办 << 彩弹枪射击比赛 >>
这项活动定于5月31日(星期日)举行, 时间由早上七点至下午二点. 赛会备有午餐及饮料, 参赛者只需在旺沙玛珠地铁站集合,
冠军:将获得奖金一千令吉 + 奖状
亚军:将获得奖金八百令吉 + 奖状
季军:将获得奖金五百令吉 + 奖状
报名可联络终身学习中心秘书处。03-41431280 陈小姐
TAKE AIM Paintball Tournament 2009 is coming !
Venue : Rimba Harmonis Paintball field @
Taman Harmonis Gombak ( Very near to Melati Utama)
Time: 7am to 2pm
Date : 31st May 2009
Details :
One low price only @ RM50 per person6 people per team
Ca$h + Certs + Food + Drinks + Bus provided + experience
in 2 different fields from ground field to hill side.
1st Prize RM 1000
2nd Prize RM 800
3rd Prize RM 500
We are having first come first serve basis for this tournament.
If interested please do contact us for early booking.
Rules & Regulations :
* This tournament only applicable by Malaysian citizen age 18 and above.
* No slippers or sandals
* Participants must come along with long pants
* Do not bring in any expensive belongings into our tournament site.
The organizer will not responsiblefor anything that missing.
* Self purchased paintball gun is not allow to be use in this tournament.
* The organizer is not responsible for any incident or injuries.
However, we had few medical kit foremergency use.
So play at your own risk.
* The bus we provided will be waiting at the Wangsa Maju LRT
station at 7am and will move at 8amsharp to our tournament destination.
So for the late we are sorry that you need to travel byyourself.
* We will give a general briefing about the rules,
game play and safety at our tournament site.
* Please submit this registration form before
24th of May 2009 (Sun day)

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